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RE: [IP] Baby formula


 > [...] studies showing that babies with a
 > genetic predisposition to Type I diabetes
 > had an increased incidence of the disease
 > when they were given cow milk based baby
 > formula before a certain age (I think 6
 > months).

It's, alas, not quite as clear-cut. A study on infants in China
(PMID 15331209), for example, found that soy milk in infancy was
associated with a higher D risk than the controls; steamed bread
was linked to a lower D risk. (A different study looked
specifically at gluten-containing foods, finding the same:
introducing gluten early reduces the risk of D and Coeliac.) Oh,
and back to the study on Chinese infants -- cow's milk consumption
in _older_ infants (7-12 months of age) _lowered_ D risk, while
"vegetables", unspecified kind, increased it.

I *knew* Mom was wrong to scold me when I spat the spinach onto
the wall.

Other studies dig deeper; PMID 15317611, for instance, posits (and
supports) the hypothesis that increased hygiene in early childhood
is associated with increased incidence of autoimmune disease later
-- formula would then be an intermediate agent, but not the cause.

There are fewer hits specific to soy-based formula; one that I
found interesting is from 1986 (PMID 3155358) and mentions: "Twice
as many diabetic children, however, received soy containing
formula in infancy as compared to control children."

My conclusion? Go with cow-based formula, but as late as possible
(after 6 mo of age). And try to figure out how to make steamed
bread. :-)

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