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RE: [IP] Symlin

I am a Type 2 insulin dependant diabetic. I take ~235 units of Humalog by
pump. Endo started with small dose and titrated up from there. I used it for
any meal that was 30 g Carbohydrate or more.
 15 micrograms = 2 1/2 units
 30 micrograms = 5 units
 45 micrograms = 7 1/2 units
 60 micrograms = 10 units
At this point Endo talked to Endo at Albany Medical Center
Who said he had patients taking 360 mg. so I was titrated up as follows:
120 micrograms = 20 units
180 micrograms = 30 units
240 micrograms = 40 units
300 micrograms = 50 units
360 micrograms = 60 units

I stayed at this dose for 3 months. The only effect it had on me was to
delay digestion 2 to 2 1/2 hours. And reduce my pocket book. Insurance would
pay only for 60 micrograms 3 times a day, I paid for the rest. I had no
nausea, no weight loss and no reduction in the amount of insulin I take. I
went off of it after 6 months total time on it.

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Wow this dialog has got me really thinkin....

So why did you increase the dose, was it for better control or for larger

How did you know you were optimized?

Now after reading the various research I am wondering what higher levels of
symlin will do for me?

Thanks for the insight

Judy @ CA


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 ok, i used the 3/10 needles becuase the dose is so small and could see the
barrel easier

 I started off 2 units before each meal or snack more than 20 carbs. - then
insulin after done eating meal or snack.

 did this for a few days until it worked ok with stomach, and then after 3-4
days to a week increased it to 4, then 6 all the way up to 10

 for me, it really made me nausous so it took time for my body to adjust. I
didn't have issues with lows by doing this gradually.


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So the pharmacy called, Symlin's approved and all, but now we're like
"What kind of syringes do you want? Do you know what to start your
dosage at? Did you not get instructions on how to use this?"

No. Nary a peep. I thought that the directions/dosages would be ON THE

Jeeze!! OK, what syringes do you use, How much is it measured as?
Units like insulin, or a completely different syringe?

Criminy, if this is how even a DOCTOR does this, I don't want to take
this stuff!!! I'm actually angry right now.... what are the jerks at
Bristol Park Medical Group THAT stupid?

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