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Re: [IP] Re: Type 2 turning into Type 1

Great on the birthday, it gives us both something to celebrate. Mine is 
only 8 days after yours.

The lady doing the mixing is courting disaster. Now if there was a way 
to have a separate pump doing the injecting I would be OK with that. One 
infusion site, multiple regimens, cool. Some day in the future maybe as 
the technology advances and gets to the artificial Pancreas. We'll get 
there some day.  If we would just spend some of that money going to 
fight a war on more research, oh well.

Wyldceltic1 wrote:
> AH, My birthday is when you started pumping :-)
> Thanks for the head up about the dual wave. I will be trying this 
> stuff on Tuesday ... a day off from work, so I don't get any guff from 
> my body at the Apple store. I mean, yeah we 'think different' but even 
> they wouldn't feel comfy around me in a bad hypo <G>... Maybe my 
> general Manager would, his brother's looking into pumping and has been 
> diabetic over 17 years. Times I've been dialing in meds and such he's 
> said, 'Hey, do whatever you need to do, I know...' so that is nice.
> I spoke to a lady who works in another store at the mall (Another 
> pumper, shoot, that's five pumpers who work in the mall that *I* know 
> personally) and she even mixed symlin in her pump (!) Uh, I dunno 
> 'bout that yet.... I was a bit nervous hearing that and think I will 
> try it syringe and chat with the Internist after a time.
> On Apr 13, 2008, at 6:44 AM, Frank wrote:
>> Symlin can be used  by a T-1, thats what it was designed for. Byetta was
>> created for type 2. I've been on Symlin for about a year or so. However,
>> at the moment I am not using it. The reason is that I just started
>> pumping on 1/16/08, and figured that getting a handle on it was more
>> important then trying to control two situations at one.
>> My boss who is a T1, is using symlin and on a pump as well. He has been
>> on the roller coaster because of it. One item found that is imperative
>> while using Symlin is that Bolus's for meals be Dual wave at 30/70 over
>> a 1.5 to 2 hr  because of the delayed digestion of carbs. Otherwise you
>> end up going low, before that food hits.
>> One nice thing I found with Symlin is that it helps me to tell when I am
>> full.
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