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Re: [IP] Symlin

I have the BD Ultra-Fine II syringes in the 3/10 cc size with 1/2 unit 
markings - because I started on 2.5 units of Symlin and got sick to my 
stomach. Now I take 10 units and don't get sick (usually). 10 units is 
60 mcg. Symlin is very confusing at first. Do not mix with insulin. 
Denise Bricher

Wyldceltic1 wrote:
> So the pharmacy called, Symlin's approved and all, but now we're like 
> "What kind of syringes do you want? Do you know what to start your 
> dosage at? Did you not get instructions on how to use this?"
> No. Nary a peep. I thought that the directions/dosages would be ON THE Rx!
> Jeeze!! OK, what syringes do you use, How much is it measured as? Units 
> like insulin, or a completely different syringe?
> Criminy, if this is how even a DOCTOR does this, I don't want to take 
> this stuff!!! I'm actually angry right now.... what are the jerks at 
> Bristol Park Medical Group THAT stupid?
> .
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