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Re: [IP] Re:OmniPd Insulin Delivery

 I'm w/you Andy. The comment regarding 1 minute per unit made me laugh. I
actually like the fact that it doesn't instantly dispense all units in 5
seconds, there is an opportunity to stop delivery if I questioned my carb
calculation. Using Pods since August '07, it doesn't get any better. I wish
other pump manufactures would come up to speed and provide a little competition;
so the price of the OmniPod system would become more affordable.

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Subject: [IP] Re:OmniPd Insulin Delivery

I know the OmniPod is no where near this slow. I just got done timing my Pod
and a unit a minute is wring by a factor of 3. It takes kust about 20 secons to
deliver a unit of insulin.
And just why does this matter? I would argue if anything slow delivery is an
advantage as it allows the insulin to absorb better with less pooling. I know
there was another misunderstanding being spread about the OmniPod regarding
 Bolusing. Once you have told it to Bolus you can go on your merry way. A
mile from the PDM if you so choose. Still loving the Pods after 2 1/2 years and
finding the whole system light years ahead of conventional pumps.


Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 19:17:39 EDT 
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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: OmniPod Issues 45 day Trial 

In a message dated 3/30/2008 6:34:15 PM Central Daylight Time,  

The pump  delivers 0.05 U per click, one click every three seconds or  
so or  about one unit per minute- it does seem slow. 

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