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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 diabetes

I guess I am luckier then most. I have a doctor who understands 
technology (doesn't particularly like it) but does understand. When I 
tell him something he listens and complies most of the time. He knows I 
do my homework in regards to new regimens that are available. He also 
knows that when I tell him something isn't working, we need to do 
something else to fix the problem. For scripts, he asks me what I want, 
not what he is going to give me. I have MVP for insurance (I am also in 
NY) so what is written on the Script is how it is dispensed. Most of the 
time the Insurance doesn't squawk, but once in a while they do. An 
example comes to mind when the Dr put me on Byetta. Took over a month to 
get approval. Symlyn was no problem at all.  I test BS 6 - 8 times a 
day. This means about 250 - 300 test strips a month, Same with syringes 
(if you don't reuse them when on MDI, wink wink).

Again, my insurance plan is great in that regard.

Remember that we are not guinea pigs to be experimented on.  We have a 
disease  that is controllable when the Professionals do their job. When 
they don't, and yours is a classic case, we suffer.

Our Doctors are not gods, they are humans like you and I. Some do have 
the God edifice and think because YOU have the power to reverse your 
condition, that is all they have to do. NOT!!!

If you are not on Social Security and don't have Insurance, why are you 
not on the NY insurance system or at least Medicaid from social services?

These are just my 2Cents.....

email @ redacted wrote:
> <<<<It sounds to me Joy, like you have a Dr that is in the old regime>>>>
> hi Frank
 > Yes I've already started trying to get my levels down on my own, sorta behind
 > the dr's back. I'm terrified I'll run out of insulin before she'll give me
> but if I do, I figure I'll just go to urgent care.
 > I've done everything I can think of to get in somewhere else. I have an
 > @ Joslin Diabetes Ctr for October, and I have an apptmt with an endo for the
> of May. If I wind up not completely happy with her, then I can go to Joslin.
 > Yes my dr is old regime, but I've talked till I'm blue in the face and I
 > seem to get her to understand that I can't just adjust for a high glucose
> then eat and not adjust for the carbs. I'm so frustrated!
>  One question: if you adjusted your lantus on your own, did your dr just go
 > along with it? If not, how did you handle needing insulin before your script
> due to be refilled?
> thanks.......joy
> .
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