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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 diabetes

It sounds to me Joy, like you have a Dr that is in the old regime. I 
know you said that your scheduled to see another Dr, but that doesn't 
mean you cannot empower yourself to increase your insulin and your 
testing. The first item is to determine how much insulin you require to 
pull the BS down 100 points. there is a book called "The pocket 
Pancreas" available from the PCMall. com for about $10.  This helped me 
to fine tune my MDI before I went on the pump.

Dealing with a misinformed Medico is worse then not having one.  You 
would be better served to go to the ER or a local clinic and tell them 
whats happening.

Because your BS is so high most of the time, the damage is being done on 
a constant rate. Vital organs are being damaged that is irreversible the 
longer it goes uncontrolled. Anything over 200 - 250 can cause damage.

I wish you luck in this. But the first thing you need to do is educate 
yourself and then empower yourself to adjust until you get the numbers 
where  they need to be.  Don't give up,  it will get easier over time.

I  am a T2, and us the MM 722 pump. When I was on MDI I was using Lantus 
at first with orals.  Using the DR instructions of 5u in the AM did 
absolutely nothing for my sugar. The end result was 50u twice a day 12 
hours apart to get a decent FBS  (fasting Blood Sugar) in the morning. I 
found that if it was in the 120 range on first test, the rest of the day 
would be golden. But if it was 150 or higher, the whole day would be shot.

If I had not empowered myself to increase the Lantus a little at a time, 
I would never have gotten under control.

Then I went to short acting Insulin (Humalog) to cover meal times, it 
got much better. But poking holes in your skin 10 - 12 times a day gets 
old quick, hence the pump when my Endo suggested it. Poking a hole once 
every 2 - 3 days made my day.

The bottom line to this is that it is your body, your Diabetes, and the 
better informed you are the better you can fight the beast. Stand up to 
the Dr, take no prisoners, and if you keep getting turned off by Him/Her 
report it to whoever your local regulating power is. Every state has 
one.  Remember it is your money you are spending on your Life.

That should be enough to make you fight harder.


Joy L Wright wrote:
> <<<< What insulin(s) are you on? Long acting only, or a pre-mix of
> long/short? What
> do your numbers generally run during a typical day?>>>>
> hi Liz I don't really want to start another long drawn out discussion like
> on the other list :O) but suffice to say I have a really stupid dr who isn't
> treating me appropriately. Right now my #s are running anywhere between 200
> and 400, I'm not to touch insulin other than a minor dose 2X a day of
> novolog 70/30, and they aren't enough to even come close to controlling my
> levels. If I'm over 300 I can then take 5u of regular novolin. I've busted
> my butt for 2 weeks but can't get in anywhere else any quicker than the end
> of May. I've tried and tried to talk to her, but she's become deaf to me as
> well as making things worse every day. ;O(.........joy
> .
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