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RE: [IP] Re: Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 diabetes

<<<< What insulin(s) are you on? Long acting only, or a pre-mix of
long/short? What
do your numbers generally run during a typical day?>>>>
hi Liz I don't really want to start another long drawn out discussion like
on the other list :O) but suffice to say I have a really stupid dr who isn't
treating me appropriately. Right now my #s are running anywhere between 200
and 400, I'm not to touch insulin other than a minor dose 2X a day of
novolog 70/30, and they aren't enough to even come close to controlling my
levels. If I'm over 300 I can then take 5u of regular novolin. I've busted
my butt for 2 weeks but can't get in anywhere else any quicker than the end
of May. I've tried and tried to talk to her, but she's become deaf to me as
well as making things worse every day. ;O(.........joy
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