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RE: [IP] Autoimmune Diseases Diabetes Type 1

--- On Fri, 4/11/08, Joy L Wright <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Ok if this is type 1.5, and I think type 1 is just where
> the pancreas
> doesn't produce insulin.........how do you know which
> you are, between 1,
> 1.5 and 2? I know I've heard you talk of tests where
> you can tell whether
> the pancreas produces insulin or not, but what are the
> differences before
> you take the test, and what could I use as a clue to know
> for sure which I
> am?
> I'm finding out my dr knew a lot less than I thought,
> I'm finding out I've
> had horrible medical direction for a long time now, and I
> have to learn, so
> I can be better informed about the new course of treatment,
> when I get in to
> see the new dr in 2 months. THANKS!!......joy

 Type 1.5 is actually Type 1, autoimmune, but for some reason the beta cells die
slower. With classic Type 1, people tend to get very sick very fast. Feeling
fine one day, feeling horrible two weeks later. With Type 1.5, the destruction
of the beta cells happens slower. This is why it's often mistaken for Type 2.
You're still producing some of your own insulin so probably won't go into DKA.
You might respond to treatment with oral medications for awhile. Doctors see
that and immediately think Type 2. And with Type 2, many people have it for
years before being diagnosed because they're still producing insulin even if
their bodies don't use it effectively. Many Type 2s already have complications
when they're diagnosed from years of high blood sugar.

The common tests for Type 1 are the c-peptide test and an antibody test.  

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005

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