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RE: [IP] Re: Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 diabetes

<<<< Although the specific
etiologies of Type 2 diabetes are not known, autoimmune destruction of
beta-cells does not occur."]  Then as Insulin Pumpers will tell you, see if
insulin pump is the right thing for you.>>>>

Melitta thank you so much. I found this group because I started looking into
a pump, thinking it would be a good solution to my specific control
problems. I've been reading for over a week now, and amazed at how much I'm
learning, how much I knew from my dr that was actually completely wrong, how
much of an idiot she is, and how much damage I've done to myself, staying in
her care!!!!!
I seriously think I'm type 1, and probably have been for a lot longer than I
ever knew. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and I've thought I was just a type
2 way before diagnosis.
Right now I'm waiting 2 months for an apptmt with the new endocrinologist
and also waiting till October for an apptmt at joslin diabetes center in
upstate ny. Until then I have to manage myself and just fake it to the dr,
and try to manage to come up with the insulin I need to keep my  numbers
more rational than she cares about. She instructed today that I am to take 2
shots a day, and not adjust at noon unless I'm over 300......Not at all
other than that :O( I sure appreciate the support of all you guys while I'm
waiting thru this 2 months........joy
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