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RE: [IP] Autoimmune Diseases Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes mellitus type 1 when it is characterized by a deficiency or absence
of insulin production (Type I), is often the consequence of an autoimmune
attack on the insulin-producing beta cells in the islets of Langerhans of
the pancreas

	<<<< It wasn't your immune system that killed off the beta cells>>>>
Can you tell me exactly what type 1.5 is then 	because I used to think I
knew, but now I'm confused. And how do you know which you are? Happens I
can't count on 	anything from my dr>>>>
Ok if this is type 1.5, and I think type 1 is just where the pancreas
doesn't produce insulin.........how do you know which you are, between 1,
1.5 and 2? I know I've heard you talk of tests where you can tell whether
the pancreas produces insulin or not, but what are the differences before
you take the test, and what could I use as a clue to know for sure which I
I'm finding out my dr knew a lot less than I thought, I'm finding out I've
had horrible medical direction for a long time now, and I have to learn, so
I can be better informed about the new course of treatment, when I get in to
see the new dr in 2 months. THANKS!!......joy
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