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Re: [IP] Alarms

The alarm(s) on the Deltec Cozmo, WAKES me up.. 
 If I am in a very deep sleep, it won't, but if I am not "dead to the world" it
 When I am "dead to the world" the following will not wake me up, so the pump
alarms def. will not:
 -Phone (and there is one on each side of the bed, and a 2nd on one side if I
take my mobile to bed with me)
 -Alarm clock, and there is 1 on the side of the bed, that has 2 alarm settings
which both are set when I have doc appts in am (sometimes in pm to make sure
that I am awake), and then there is another 2 alarm alarm clock on the dresser
across the bedroom on the dresser, and then when I take mobile to bed with me,
it also has a alarm clock, which I also use, for a total of 5 different alarms
going off, which sometimes NONE wake me up.
 So if the above can't wake me up, and I know that I have woke with my pump
alarmed out that it did not wake me (dead to the world occures when I have not
been able to sleep for 90 or more hours, or if I have had to take the chloral
Hydrate 1000mg).

R. Leppanen
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