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[IP] Re: Old Disetronic Pumps

 <<What makes you think the Diesetronic is.. "about to die" ? Have you had any
mechanical failures with it?>>

 Just like the Accu-Check Spirt (Accu-Check BOUGHT Disetronic out several years
ago), the Htron is programmed to KILL itself after 2 years of use.
 When a pump is programmed like this, they are nothing more than a EXPENSIVE
paper weight.
 Disetronic and now Accu-Check pumps are programmed to be in use for a certain
number of years. Which is very much unlike the other pumps that are the
energizer bunny.. they keep on going, going, going.

 <<Ask for a trade-in with some of the other pump manufacturers. Accucheck would
give you a 25% break so they want to keep you as a customer>>

 Accu-Check is giving her the DISCOUNT due to income guidelines, which depending
on your income you can get no more than 30% break.
 NOT all pumps give price breaks to those without insurance, or with insurance
that refuse to cover a pump or supplies.
 Most (almost all) pump companies will only give a $500 one time break off the
cost of the new pump as a trade in.
 So if (deltec as the example, and costs are coming from their website)
$5,595.00 pump is coming out of your pocket, then when they set up a pump they
also set up a minimum of 3 months of supplies right off the bat. Cartridges
$81.25x2 ($162.50), Infusion sets $128.50x3 for the Cleo's or $110.00x3 for the
comforts ($385.50 for cleo's or $330.00 for the comfors).. so the total cost
without a discount or a trade in would be $6143.00 (cleo's) just for the pump
and the inital 3 months of supplies. That also does not enclude IV/Skin prep,
Adhesive remover, or extra adhesive (IV3000 or Tegaderm or something similar).
So if Deltec gave a 30% discount and $500 at the bare minimum it would cost
$3,800. Who has that kind of money laying around. Most people that I know, don't
(and that encludes, layers, doctors, psychotherapists [LCSW, PhD, MSW's ect],

R. Leppanen
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