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Re: [IP] stunning

At 11:59 AM 4/10/2008, you wrote:
>  I have not been on the board awhile and some of you probably 
> haven't missed me
>or my smart ass style....although there are a goood number of you who I miss!
>  So, I checked in today and was laughing a little bit about the 
> sheet volume of
>posts devoted to candy and necco wafers and mary janes, and not one person
>replied in response to Valerie Adams who just started her Dexcom.
>  Yeah, of course we can talk about whatever we like, and god knows 
> I have done
>my share of ranting about oreos and chinese food, but DANG I was so happy for
>Valerie and wish her a bunch of luck with this! I look forward to hearing her
>updates on how it goes. I am considering a CGMS myself and will be doing a
>search of the archives for relevant information. If anyone wants to 
>share their
>personal experiences with me, please write me off the list, since I 
>don't get to
>come visit every day
>Sara Smarty Pants


This is partly because this is a pump list rather than a CGMS list.
There is one at Yahoo called 
I am currently not using a CGMS, but would like one, so I joined the 
other list to see what people think about it.

Good luck,

Linda Hatch 
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