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Oh great...now we can put the glucose tablet manufacturers out of  
business while all of us diabetics buy Skittles and Sweet-Tarts.....  :)
On Apr 9, 2008, at 2:16 PM, Kim, Margaret A. wrote:
> Yesterday Garry wrote:
> "I guess I don't know why people seem to dislike the glucose tabs so
> much....remind me of eating a large Sweet-Tart  candy (only without  
> the tart
> flavor).  Maybe it's the chalk-like texture more so than the flavor?"
> That chalk-like texture is exactly why I use the glucose tablets.  
> It's not
> nasty enough to be repulsive, but just yucky enough so that I don't  
> eat them
> recreationally!
> My husband pointed out, rightly so, that a 3 pound bag of  
> SweetTarts at BJ's
> is much more economical than my bottles of glucose tablets. The  
> only problem
> was that I took insulin specifically to eat the SweetTarts - what I  
> call
> eating them recreationally. I didn't wait for the low from the  
> insulin. I just
> counted the carbs, applied my I:C factor, took the bolus, and ate  
> the candy.
> Regards,
> Margaret
> .
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