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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #842

--- On Wed, 4/9/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I'm still around, now I am having a serious problem.
> My pumps warrente expired
> in February. I called CIGNA and Medtronic a denial letter
> was sent. They said a
> loaner pump would be sent if this one breaks. I thought
> when the warrente
> expires we get a new one. I am not happy with CIGNA at all.
> A loner won't do me
> any good when I should have my own. Is there any action I
> can take to make sure
> I get a new updated pump. Thank you for all your help in
> advance.

 I think it all depends on your insurance company, and they're all different.
Some are willing to pay for a new pump every 4 years and others won't cover a
new one if the one you have is still working, even out of warranty. You would
probably have to show that your old pump is missing some features that you need
and that a new pump would increase control. Have you talked with your endo? A
letter from the doctor might help.

 Also, I would not accept a loaner pump if your own is working fine. Just
because the pump is out of warranty doesn't mean it's useless. I would also not
accept a loaner pump unless I was 100% positive I would be staying with the same
company. If you get a loaner from Minimed but then decide to go with Animas,
you'll owe Minimed hundreds of dollars for borrowing that pump.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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