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[IP] Allergies

 <<My son's allergies are kicking in and has needed 40% more insulin. Does
anybody have input on how to handle this? Any over the counter meds recommended?
Sometimes it's scary to give him an extra 40% insulin when he gois to bed>>

 I have severe allergies that I treat with BOTH OTC and RX medications. (mind
you, I did 4 years of allergy shots, that did not work, but then my immune
system is whack).
YMMV, but this is what I was told to do by my allergist. 
Generalized allergies:
 1 zyrtec twice daily (now OTC); either (my choice) of 50 or 100mg benadryl
(diphenhydromine), which will make on very sleepy if not used to the medications
Food allergies:
I have been known to use (RX dose) up to 300mg
Allergies effecting Eyes and Nose:
Astelin (azelastine hcl) 137mcg: 1 spray each nostril BID **Prescription**
Optivar (azelastine hcl) 0.05%: 1 drop each eye BID **Prescription**

R. Leppanen
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