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<<Broke a tooth on a Mary Jane (not sure what that is), or from TOO   
MUCH Mary Jane?>>

Mary Janes are yummy. 
 They are peanut butter flavoured taffy with a very soft creamy peanut butter
They are usually very popular around halloween (31, Oct). 
 So depending on how long ago the mary jane's where aquired, it could have been
the fact that they were a bit outdated, still edible, but as with all taffy, as
it ages, it becomes very hard, but still tasty.

R. Leppanen
 who likes almost anything made with or has peanut butter (I will check sugars,
grab jar of PB and a spoon, sit down and eat.. rarely anymore as it gives me
extream heartburn and acid indigestion and the need for a 300mg ranitadine and
what seems like half a bottle of either tums or maalox)
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