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Re: [IP] FreeStyle Lite or Freedom Meter Free

 <<The Freestyle Freedom Lite that they are now offering uses only the code-less

<<Both the meters use the new codeless strips... 
 The Freestyle Lite is the ONLY freestyle branded meter that does not require a
code. The Freestyle Freedom DOES require one to code the meter>>

 If you could see, I did state that the freestyle LITE is the freestyle branded
meter that does not require a code (for their strips).
 When you did mention the Freestyle Freedom, You did NOT mention anything other
than the Freestyle Freedom, therefore I only mentioned the FREESTYLE LITE.
 There IS a Freestyle Freedom LITE, which does not require a code (similar to
the lite). There are some users of the original FREEDOM, so when mentioning the
freedom, please state if it is the Freedom or Freedom LITE. Freedom took the
original strips (original freestyle, Freestyle Flash and Freestyle Freedom took
the same strips). Now there is the Freestyle Lite and Freestyle Freedom Lite
(which take the same no-code strips, and can not be interchanged with the
original strips, just like the freestyle flash and the freestyle Mini could not
interchange their strips, even though technically it is the same meter).
 FYI, I found out about the FREESTYLE FREEDOM LITE today in a email from my
local Abbott Rep (he is offering me a new Lite meter of my choice, and strips to
start out and to see if I like it or not [he mentioned between 2-300], just like
the tech support did when I had 2 meters belly up right out of box except for
tech support offered alot more strips).


R. Leppanen
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