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RE: [IP] Re: Bolusing for protein

Kathy asked "I wondered what other's experiences are and how they address
thisin terms of insulin. Do you use the dual or square wave feature or just
adda bit more insulin for the protein in the meal? Any good protocols that
workwell for you? Do you bolus at all if there is only protein in the meal?
Ifso, how did you figure out your protein:insulin ratio? Thanks for your

Kathy - yes, I absolutely bolus for protein.  YMMV, but I find a rise in BS
somewhere between 3-4 hours after a meal with protein.  Via trial and error
(lots of trials and certainly many errors), I've found that a ratio  of 1:48
seems to work well, with a single correction bolus taken at hour 4.  Note that
my carb ratio is usually 1:6.

I ran many tests, but I think the best one to see the impact on protein on
your BS is to eat an 8oz filet, simply grilled with no sauces without any
other food items, and monitor your BS rise every hour for 8 hours.

Hope that helps,
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