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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #840

On Apr 8, 2008, at 10:52 AM, Tom Mmm wrote:

> I have had an occasional occlusion alarm when my pump was set to  
> high, even just from laying on the infusion set tubing the wrong  
> way. I never changed my infusion set the first time.  I would  
> disconnect, rewind, reload, give a 2-3 unit prime, fill cannula,  
> and then reconnect.  If I got a second occlusion alarm, I would  
> then change the set out.  Also, I have heard from other people that  
> reuse their cartridges, that upon refill, there can be a higher  
> chance of occlusion alarms, as the lubricant in the cartridge has  
> been mostly washed off by then.
>> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 13:40:25 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: Diane Carter <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] Animas pump occlusions
>> Hi,
>>   I have been using the Animas 1250 since August 06 and have NEVER  
>> had an
>> occlusion alarm go off. I had a situation (early on) when I my  
>> cannula was
>> totally kinked with a BG reading of 550 and no alarm sounded. My  
>> diabetes
>> educator thought it strange that no alarm sounded. I actually  
>> manually tried
> to
>> bend the tubing to sound an alarm and NOTHING. As a result I  
>> always check
>> frequently after a new site is inserted just because of this. I  
>> feel there
> is no
>> way of really knowing what's going on without checking my blood.  
>> What does
> the
>> alarm sound like? Mine is set on high and I do receive the usual 2  
>> hour
> after
>> bolus alarm but never an occlusion.
>>   Diane from Michigan
>> Diane
>> .
> Hi Diane,
> Even if you were deaf, you would know the pump was trying to jump  
> up and
> strangle you :-)
> It not only makes a sound but also vibrates and does so repeatedly  
> until you
> have to do something about it. It does everything it can to alert  
> you to what
> it thinks is a major problem.
> There may be a tremendous variation  re: occlusion detections which  
> the Animus
> pumps do not take into account. Yours was set to HIGH and mine was  
> set to LOW
> for occlusion sensitivity.
> The other factor to consider is the infusion set itself. If the inside
> diameter of the tubing is larger, then occlusions would be less  
> because it
> would take more back pressure to set off the occlusion alarm.
> The Animas pump does not allow the user to use their own discretion  
> as to some
> other cause for the apparent occlusion. It arbitrarily decides that  
> you MUST
> remove the infusion set and will not continue pumping. You could be  
> in the
> middle of a bolus and it just plain stops.. and complains.
> Not my idea of a good cup of tea.
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