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Re: [IP] Eye drop question

Hi Jenny,

I don't know anything about these eye drops so I searched on the internet 
and the first link that I found 
http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100000615.html which said the following 
about your question:

Cosopt eye drops are sterile until opened. The multi-dose bottles contain a 
preservative that helps keep the eye drops sterile. Any medicine remaining 
in the bottle four weeks after the first opening should be carefully 
disposed of, as after this time it is likely to be contaminated with germs. 
You may find it helpful to write the date of first opening on the packet. 
Dispose of carefully, preferably by returning to your pharmacy. Cosopt 
single dose containers do not contain a preservative and are for single use 
only. They should be disposed of after use, even if there is some solution 

There is lots more on that page about those eye drops.

(My Mother had glaucoma so that's one reason I'm interested in learning 
about it)

Subject: [IP] Eye drop question

>I use Cosopt eye solution, one in the morning.
> I had an appointment today with a glaucoma Dr. but even though I'd
> told them what insurance and all I'm on and they booked the
> appointment, they turned me away today at the desk. I was so PO-ed I
> just bawled. I asked what or who it would kill for someone to simply
> puff my eye and see if Cosopt was even working. Anyway, another doctor
> came out and gave e two vials of cosopt, and they made an appointment
> with the resident Optometrist to get a measurement in my remaining
> good eye.  They were also PO-ed that someone dropped the ball on my
> info and so on.
> My question is though: Once you open this stuff and are using it,
> keeping it from light and higher temperatures, how long is it potent?
> Looking online, I cannot find anything about it.
> But in light of some of our insulin and insulin-like meds having a
> short lifespan, I feel this is a good question to ask. I have some
> left in my 2 month-old vial of cosopt as I was 'budgeting' it out.
> Any ideas of how to find out if there's a loss of potency with cosopt
> after opening it and using for a few weeks?
> Jenny 
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