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[IP] Eye drop question

I use Cosopt eye solution, one in the morning.

I had an appointment today with a glaucoma Dr. but even though I'd  
told them what insurance and all I'm on and they booked the  
appointment, they turned me away today at the desk. I was so PO-ed I  
just bawled. I asked what or who it would kill for someone to simply  
puff my eye and see if Cosopt was even working. Anyway, another doctor  
came out and gave e two vials of cosopt, and they made an appointment  
with the resident Optometrist to get a measurement in my remaining  
good eye.  They were also PO-ed that someone dropped the ball on my  
info and so on.

My question is though: Once you open this stuff and are using it,  
keeping it from light and higher temperatures, how long is it potent?  
Looking online, I cannot find anything about it.

But in light of some of our insulin and insulin-like meds having a  
short lifespan, I feel this is a good question to ask. I have some  
left in my 2 month-old vial of cosopt as I was 'budgeting' it out.

Any ideas of how to find out if there's a loss of potency with cosopt  
after opening it and using for a few weeks?

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