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Re: [IP] MM Sensors

I appreciate your thoughts and am blessed to be one of the fortunates to
have insurance coverage of my sensors.  I do disagree with you about MM not
being happy about using the sensors for over 3 days.  The 3 day window was a
result of FDA approval requirements and when I went through training it was
a kind of "use the sensors for 3 days "wink, wink" :-)"  I told the class
that I know of someone who had been able to get 41 days out of a sensor!
They were amazed at that.  I am changing my sensors just before my
transmittor goes down, so,  I am getting about 6.5 days per sensor.  I have
only been doing this for about 4 or 5 weeks and so am still very new to
CGMS.  I like it, although I am testing a whole lot more so that I can
verify the CGMS data against actual meter readings. In my mind, having to do
that kind of defeats the purpose of CGMS, right?  Well, I am learning a lot
about how my body is reacting to insulin, food and time of day and I am sure
that I will be able to reduce my finger sticks over time.  Cynthia

On 4/7/08, Bill Shaneyfelt <email @ redacted> wrote:
>        Just to let you know what I found out today.  Yes, I probably
> should
> have known, I paid Zero attention to the process of expiration dates on
> the
> MM Sensors.   As most of us know, sensors are out of the pocket for the
> majority of us.  There are those who have found that their insurance is
> willing to cover them.  This note is for all.
> MM Says that they will assist with anyone using the sensors, however IF
> the
> sensor is out of date, they assume no responsibility for replacement of a
> bad out of date sensor.
> This is not all bad because there is a way to make sure that does not
> happen
> to us.  I am told that IF there are sensors that are getting close to the
> exploration date that we should call MM immediately and they will REPLACE
> the sensors that will be out of date soon.  Of course we all know that the
> FDA has approved the MM sensor for 3 days, and that 3 days only.  When you
> are experiencing trouble with a sensor that has been in use over 3 days,
> and
> the sensor is found to be defective the sensor will not be replaced by MM.
> That also should be understood without question.  Several of us who use
> sensors and appreciate the ability that they have to allow us to improve
> our
> BG Control are thankful for the use.  The are also several of us who use
> the
> sensors for much longer than the 3 days, Personally many of mine last 30
> or
> more days.  MM does not appreciate our using the sensor for longer than
> the
> approved 30 days.  If I could only use the sensor for 3 days, I would and
> could not use them at all.  No one argues that they are accurate enough
> for
> sole use without using the strips at the same time.  If the accuracy was
> there how many could afford the $350 per month?  Probably very few would
> even if they could afford that cost.  I know that if I could not get an
> average of 12 to 18 days from each sensor they would not be in my home.
> I have not been a long insulin user as I have been insulin dependent for a
> little over 40 years, I have lost the exact date.  Diabetes once was very
> inexpensive for me.  Less than $9 a vial for insulin, a few needles and
> urine strips out of pocket I may have spent $350 per year...Today even
> with
> Medicare and AARP, the cost of insurance is greater than the cost of
> diabetes without considering insurance when I was Dxed.  I am not crying
> or
> whining simply stating fact.  Diabetes is not CHEAP.
> Keep track of the dates and Call MM for replacements if the date is
> getting
> close to the date you will use the Sensors at $35 per sensor it's an easy
> fix.
> Bill
> email @ redacted
> .
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