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[IP] Re: Bolusing for protein

I don't eat large portions of meat and poultry and what I do consume is very
lean. I've never really bolused for protein with the exception of cheese on
pizza in which case I usually do a dual wave because experience has shown
that it takes more than simply bolusing for the carbs when there is that
much fat in the meal. In an effort to improve my A1C's
I've begun keeping meticulous meal records and I've noticed the need to
correct more often after meals containing as little as 2 ounces of lean
protein. I wondered what other's experiences are and how they address this
in terms of insulin. Do you use the dual or square wave feature or just add
a bit more insulin for the protein in the meal? Any good protocols that work
well for you? Do you bolus at all if there is only protein in the meal? If
so, how did you figure out your protein:insulin ratio? Thanks for your help.

Bay Area IDDM 35.5 years, Pumping since 1999.
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