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Hopefully when you discard the pencil case, it is sealed with more than a
rubber band.  Maybe Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape or something more permanent?

This sharps disposal is a real challenge - for all of us.  I buy the Sharps
Containers or use a needle clip that holds the needle portion inside it.
With so many people using needles for healthcare at home - there should be
more guidelines and also more active promotion and solutions that are safe
for the environment (animals included).  

Due to not being aware, I think far too many people still just toss those
plastic pieces that hold juice cans, etc. together - and, until I was TOLD,
I didn't realize this was a danger to animals scrounging around in their own
forest, as well as landfills.  

A sad situation that we were almost all ignorant of back when I was a kid
living in a small town in Northern Minnesota (50 years ago).  Sad that we
are now realizing what wastemakers we have been and still are, faced with
the challenge in new areas - like needles.

And, since I posted and almost never do (a third time in several years),
about TREATING LOW'S - I would rather eat anything else besides glucose
tablets; sugar in coffee (even cold coffee) does the trick for me.  And, my
husband has told me that if I'm as low as 25-30, I whimper and beg to have
something that tastes good!  Once the EMT's let me drink the fluid they were
about to IV me with...that worked!  But - getting a supply of that doesn't
seem to be an option although I never pursued it diligently.  Fortunately no
serious lows for several years now - hurrah!

Dx'd 38+ years ago; MM522 for 1 1/2 years now with great success

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 I use a hard plastic kids pencil case - and I have a note on it that says
sharps and also rubber band it.

Linda & Dax
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