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[IP] MM Sensors

	Just to let you know what I found out today.  Yes, I probably should
have known, I paid Zero attention to the process of expiration dates on the
MM Sensors.   As most of us know, sensors are out of the pocket for the
majority of us.  There are those who have found that their insurance is
willing to cover them.  This note is for all.   

MM Says that they will assist with anyone using the sensors, however IF the
sensor is out of date, they assume no responsibility for replacement of a
bad out of date sensor.   

This is not all bad because there is a way to make sure that does not happen
to us.  I am told that IF there are sensors that are getting close to the
exploration date that we should call MM immediately and they will REPLACE
the sensors that will be out of date soon.  Of course we all know that the
FDA has approved the MM sensor for 3 days, and that 3 days only.  When you
are experiencing trouble with a sensor that has been in use over 3 days, and
the sensor is found to be defective the sensor will not be replaced by MM.
That also should be understood without question.  Several of us who use
sensors and appreciate the ability that they have to allow us to improve our
BG Control are thankful for the use.  The are also several of us who use the
sensors for much longer than the 3 days, Personally many of mine last 30 or
more days.  MM does not appreciate our using the sensor for longer than the
approved 30 days.  If I could only use the sensor for 3 days, I would and
could not use them at all.  No one argues that they are accurate enough for
sole use without using the strips at the same time.  If the accuracy was
there how many could afford the $350 per month?  Probably very few would
even if they could afford that cost.  I know that if I could not get an
average of 12 to 18 days from each sensor they would not be in my home.   

I have not been a long insulin user as I have been insulin dependent for a
little over 40 years, I have lost the exact date.  Diabetes once was very
inexpensive for me.  Less than $9 a vial for insulin, a few needles and
urine strips out of pocket I may have spent $350 per year...Today even with
Medicare and AARP, the cost of insurance is greater than the cost of
diabetes without considering insurance when I was Dxed.  I am not crying or
whining simply stating fact.  Diabetes is not CHEAP.  

Keep track of the dates and Call MM for replacements if the date is getting
close to the date you will use the Sensors at $35 per sensor it's an easy

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