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[IP] Tamper Resistant (Locked) Feature on ANIMAS 2020 - hard response from Mr. Billick

Wow! Yes I think you did come on abit hard there Gary <lol> - but that's your
nature I presume. Yes - read the manual many times.  I've been MDIing the
last 40 years - and started pumping last Nov (first with MM) and then the
Animas end of Jan. So I do have a little bit of knowledge of how pumps work,
etc..  Unfortunately, the manual doesn't state that the isulin is still being
delivered during lock down.  It only states that the keys are locked -
period.  Thanks for all of you who had responded both privately and on the
forum here.  I'm sure this won't be my last time I come to you all for help -
but I may be more careful with how I word things (have a Benny Hill kind of
attitude to life). 
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 18:45:37 -0400
From: Garry Billick <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Tamper Resistant (Locked) Feature on ANIMAS 2020

OK....here is my take.  I'm assuming that you received an owner's/
instruction manual with your pump.  Being a life-supporting medical 
device, a thorough reading of said manual should have been the FIRST 
thing you did before you even tried to use the pump.  The Animas pump 
(I have a 1250) has a lock feature so that children, especially, 
cannot make any adjustments to the pump or initiate boluses 
themselves.  The lock feature does not interfere with insulin 
delivery whatsoever, it only locks the control buttons so that no 
changes can be made without first unlocking the pump.  If you didn't 
receive a manual with your pump, please disregard all of my comments 
I have made, but the really smart consumer would have read the manual 
first.  Remember, buying an insulin pump is not like buying a 
toaster.  With a toaster, if you screw up, you've only burned a few 
slices of bread.  With an insulin pump, if you screw  up, you could 
be in the hospital emergency room, or worse.  I would hate to use the 
term "negligence" or "ignorance" here, but they come to mind very 
quickly, based on the nature of the post.  I'm not trying to come 
down hard on you, but when you're dealing with your health, 
"accidents" or "mistakes" can be risky, dangerous, or fatal....I 
think you need to take off your pump, read the entire manual a few 
times, learn how everything works, then start over.  If you live with 
someone, you need to able to explain how your pump works so that can 
help you is you're unconscious.  Your significant other, roommate, 
relative, etc, needs to know about the lock feature on your pump. 
When your BG is at about 20, and you're unconscious, that is not the 
time for someone else to be looking for the owners manual.  I would 
hate to ask how many people buy a new car and have never read the 
owners manual....probably far too many---same thing here.

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