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[IP] RE:Animus Pump problem

Tom Wrote:
 ...I know you added the term,"frequent occlusions"... but it was enough to be
"annoying" so that I probably would reconsider not getting another pump from
them. Whether it's frequent or not, the pump could be programmed differently to
avoid this occlusion issue. Felix had noted the differences between Animus and
Minimed. I had a Minimed 507 and did not have this occlusion issue come up
 unless it was real. They knew quite well that I had noted this problem in the
past since they told me each time that they could see my record and would report
it to their programming dept.

Ricardo Responds:
 This is not a programming issue. It is more of a hardware/ engineering issue
since Animas is the only manufacture with the .025 unit basal.

 The .025 basal makes the pump more sensitive to back pressure changes, which
can also be influenced by environmental factors (do a search in IP where this
was discussed regarding pressure changes while flying in aircraft). This is
probably why Animas is the only manufacture (to my knowledge) which allows you
to adjust the occlusion sensitivity. With the .025 basal, Animas is stretching
the limits of current affordable pressure sensor technology. The only other
option would be for Animas to build insulated pumps or pumps with refrigeration/
heating/ constant pressure capabilities.

 Your observation is correct in that the MiniMed pumps do not frequently have
this problem since their pressure tolerances are not as narrow as Animas.
Occlusion errors are a relatively rare consequence of the .025 unit basal. I say
rare since it is not often reported and when it is reported, all threads I have
seen say how readily Animas was to replace a pump that had quality control

 If you have no need for the .025 basal, then maybe the MiniMed pump is an
equivalent selection for you. If you do need the .025 unit basal, take advantage
of the Animas reputation for excellent customer service by having the pump
replaced and join those of us who use the Animas without occlusion errors.
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