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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #834

RoseLea,Well... that's enlightening.No, I never was given the option about
getting a replacement pump.
Actually, I have noted this issue several times with customer service.However,
the resolution didn't seem to rest with the customer support.
I know you added the term,"frequent occlusions"... but it was enough to be
"annoying" so that I probably would reconsider not getting another pump from
them. Whether it's frequent or not, the pump could be programmed differently
to avoid this occlusion issue. Felix had noted the differences between Animus
Minimed. I had a Minimed 507 and did not have this occlusion issue come up
it was real. They knew quite well that I had noted this problem in the past
since they told me each time that they could see my record and would report it
to their programming dept.I did send a note to their development group but
never any response from them.I think I will go back to Animas or J&J to see if
they will be more responsive since a number of people on this insulin pump
group have gotten replacement pumps.> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 10:06:11 -0400>
To: email @ redacted> From: email @ redacted> Subject: RE:
insulin-pumpers-digest V10 #834> > Tom,> > If your pump is frequently giving
occlusion > errors, then you should call Animas and request a > replacement
pump. Have you gotten a > replacement? Believe it or not, sometimes it > takes
more than one too. I had a problem with my > 1200 with 'Call Service Alarms'
which happened > with (forgive the pun) alarming frequency. It > took three
replacements before the issue was > finally resolved. Turns out that at one
point > Animas had re-worked the pumps which caused this > problem. They
finally corrected the issue and > the third pump I received was fine.> > No
one said you should give up the pump, but > rather get a replacement or a
different brand of > pump if you are not happy with Animas. Other > than that,
I guess you'd just have to live with it.> > RoseLea> > At 09:27 AM 4/7/2008,
Tom Mmm wrote:> >Roselea,> >Of course... you're right. But ... am I so >
>unhappy that I would give up the pump? No, I > >termed it an 'annoyance' not
a distaster.> >> >Secondly, the more important issue of the pump > >going into
'occlusion mode' is a bit more > >serious than the reporting of 0 or 1 units
since > >it changes what I am then going to do about it. > >It forces me to
disconnect when there were other > >options that could have been programmed
into the pump.> >> >Your advice of setting the pump sensitivity to > >LOW is
an attempt to bypass the problem. I had > >already had it set to LOW. So,
that's not my > >particular solution. I wanted to know if others > >had
encountered a similar pump behavior.> >> >Thank you.> >Tom> >>
>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^> >Regards,> >Tom M> >> >> >> > > Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008
23:25:54 -0400> > > To: email @ redacted> > > From:
email @ redacted> > > Subject: Re: FW: insulin-pumpers-digest V10
#834> > >> > > At 07:59 PM 4/3/2008, Tom Mmm wrote:> > > >Additionally, the
pump doesn't do the right thing when it starts to> > > >prime. I know it
pumped the insulin even though it reported 0 units> > > >that were primed.
Clearly, the total had gone down by one unit.> > > >Felix seems to think it is
a rounding problem. I don't. And the> > > >reason is... the pump stops on
integral unit boundaries based on my> > > >settings.. IE, if the pump said 88
units after bolusing, it stopped> > > >at 88.0. If I continued to bolus or
prime, my setting would be and> > > >was.. at 87.0, which means it should have
reported 1, not 0, units> > > >that was primed.> > >> > > I think that in
priming the pump only reports in full units and not> > > in tenths of units
which is why it showed one unit less rather than a> > > part of a unit less.
Sure a shortcoming of the pump, but if you are> > > not happy with it, then
perhaps you need to look for a different pump> > > that you are more happy
with. I've been using Animas pumps for over> > > 4 years now and have been
very happy with them.> > >> > > RoseLea> > >> >> >> >> >----------> >Pack up
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