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RE: [IP] Sharps container alternative

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    Needles & Syringes > How to Safely Dispose of Household Sharps  
How to Safely Dispose of Household Sharps

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 In some states it is a violation of the state laws to toss biohard items
anything other than a red biohazard container (where I live it is illegal,
and a
fine of up to $250 (or more, as this number was about 10 years ago).

 <<I dont like throwing away plastic and the cost of a sharps container is
prohibitive to me, so what to do

 Have you looked into your local recycler? Sharps containers are expensive
to a
point. But there are some municipalities that have a programme for those
use sharps at home and need a container for those. In my local area Metro
recycler) has a programme just for those home consumers of sharps. It is
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