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Re: [IP] Sharps container alternative

 <<We have no recycling of sharps where I live so it is all dumped in a coffee
can then labeled sharps when it is full. It is bad the hospitals, pharmacies,
etc. won't take it and that is what they suggest, so I do it reluctantly>>

 What you could also do as a suggestion, is talk to your doctor about this
issue, and see if s/he is willing to allow you to dump your sharps from your
container into his/hers and then take your container home for another fill.
 Before I got set up with the programme that I mentioned in the previous post
with this topic, this is what I did. Also if I have a foul up while out and
about, and I am near any of my doc's offices, (or my pharmacy) I just go by
their office, and tell them that I just need to use their sharps container and
they either bring the sharps conatiner to me (pharmacy) or take me to one of the
rooms that is not being used at that moment so I can place my sharps in the
proper container vs putting them back in my bag, and risk getting a unnecessary
 I honestly would ask your doctor(s) if you can deposit your sharps into their
containers as there is no place to dispose of yours as the location does not
properly have arangements to dispose of..

 <<Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a sharps container, which is to contain
the sharps indefinitely?>>

 Actually there are some sharps containers out there that are supposed to stay
closed when they are closed (with their locking issue), but if you are quick
about it and nimble enough, you can get them reopened with little to no trouble.
I have a 2 piece sharps container (a bit smaller than a half gallon jug of
milk/juice) that the lid is inverted into the top when bought and you snap the
lid on, well you are not supposed to be able to remove it, nor are you supposed
to "unlock" the opaque lid when you lock it. But I can on mine. I have a jumbo
size sharps, and this little one (little one is at the desk). This one I have
been known to pop off the lid so it is back to a 2 piece and dispose of the
sharps into the docs offices receptical for sharps. Now days, I will just pop
off the top, and dump the contents into the 3 gallon size container I have in
the bedroom.
 And holding the sharps indefinately, well once it is full, and properly
disposed of, they incinerate the sharps that are inside the container along with
other biohazard material (hospital/doctor office sharps, medical waste (gauze
sponges and sometimes tissue that has been removed from the body durring surgery
if it is not needed for pathology)

R. Leppanen
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