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Re: [IP] FreeStyle Lite or Freedom Meter Free

<<Both the meters use the new codeless strips.>>

 The Freestyle Lite is the ONLY freestyle branded meter that does not require a
 The Freestyle Freedom DOES require one to code the meter. This meter has been
out for about 2 years now. It uses the original Freestyle strips (the strips
that is used with the original Freestyle, Freestyle Flash, and the CozMonitor).
I have this meter, and the only difference between the freestyle (original) and
the freedom is SIZE of LCD. It is a good size. (almost 3/4-1 inch) which IMHO is
good for those with visually aquity issues (can see, but need large print, ect).
 I also got this meter for free.. shortly after it came out, due to my wanting
to see what it was like. I had several coupons for a free freestyle flash or
freedom as long as you got a prescription for said meter, which I had not a
problem recieving from my doctors. It is very large in size (a bit bigger than
the original freestyle, also bit bigger than the OneTouch FasTake, OneTouch
Ultra, and now the Ultra2. Nor does it have the back light of the Flash/Lite.

R. Leppanen
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