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Re: [IP] Sharps container alternative

 In some states it is a violation of the state laws to toss biohard items into
anything other than a red biohazard container (where I live it is illegal, and a
fine of up to $250 (or more, as this number was about 10 years ago).

 <<I dont like throwing away plastic and the cost of a sharps container is
prohibitive to me, so what to do

 Have you looked into your local recycler? Sharps containers are expensive to a
point. But there are some municipalities that have a programme for those that
use sharps at home and need a container for those. In my local area Metro (local
recycler) has a programme just for those home consumers of sharps. It is $5-10
to start it but with that you get a FREE sharps container (cost determins the
size of the container), and then when the sharps container is full you bring it
back to them, and they will not only recycle it for FREE but also give you a
brand new one again for free (the $5-10 is the start up fee, but other than
that, that is the total cost for a unlimited number of sharp containers.. you
bring in your used and full one, they will in turn give you a brand new empty
one, not bad.. and cheep in cost).
 I personally do not like to toss plastic myself either, as I recycle 85-90% of
what comes into my home (even food scraps get recycled.. I will place in a old
coffee can that is supplied to me, and my friend who composts will pick it up
every few days and drop off a clean empty coffee can, and then also if I want
some of the compost for my garden, she will bring the compost over in 13gallon
garbage bags.. since I help with the composting by donating to her food scraps).

 <<I have saved natural corks from wine bottles. What I do in poke the syringe
or infusion needle into the cork, then work it back and forth until it snaps off
then tap the small but end that sticks out onto a countertop top and PRESTO the
needle is gone and wont come out into a natural substance will break down over
time. Cork also has some acididty to it so it may help to kill things that may
be on the needle.>>

 Even though cork IS biodegradeable, the needles that you break off into it does
not. Also you need to think of what is INSIDE the cavity of the needle to think
about and not just what is on the outside of the needle. Also from the research
that I have done (just now) cork in itself does not have a pH balance of
anything but neutral, but it can have a acidic base on the outside from the acid
base of the wine that it was used as a stopper for.
 And acid bases will not kill of pathogens, either they be viral, bacterial or
fungal. Alcohol in the wine itself that is on very little of the cork (unless
the cork is soaked for a minimum of 48 hours in the wine) will not do much
damage to the little pathogenic cells.

R. Leppanen
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