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[IP] Tamper Resistant (Locked) Feature on ANIMAS 2020

I've had a fun day. Changed my infusion set this a.m. - using Inset 30. Took 3
attempts - wasted 2 Inset 30's - urrrhhhh!!! I had a few gushers - cannula
filled up with blood  - that's a first for me - so I've joined the club <lol>.
Third try tho' - infusion set isn't in right I think - I'm pretty cushy
<lol> - area is abit painful to touch - and I see more of the cannula then I
normally have seen. May change it later for a regular Comfort set since my cat
likes to knead my tummy and this won't be happening with the way my infusion
set is installed in me right now.
Next event just now which is my main concern.  I'm getting the odd vibration
or is it just infusion set doing weird things at my waistband where I have the
pump clipped on.  Screen is saying "Locked". I'm thinking to myself - "what
the heck?".  I didn't even know there was a "Lock" control on this pump (I'm
still new at pumping). So, I go to the manual to figure out what this is all
about. It took a few attempts to "unlock" it probably because of being in
semi-panic mode my sausage fingers weren't working right. I tried to see if I
could find out how long it had been in the "Locked" position - but haven't
found anything yet.
Has this ever happened to anyone?  In order for it to have gone into the
"Locked" mode - I would have had to have touched both the Up/Down arrow
buttons at the same time.  I did neither (I was yanking up floor boards today
- so maybe by accident I banged the pump - but don't think so).  Ohhhh - this
is so aggravating!!!
BTW, blood sugars were 4.8 mmol/L (87 for you Americans) - I checked after the
"lock down". So that is a relief at least (was ready to go back to MDI after
this experience - but have calmed down since typing this out).
Thanks for hearing me out.
Anna from Montreal
Animas 2020 - pumping since January 2008 - self taught so far - hoping Animas
helps me find an English speaking diabetic educator so I can use this pump to
it's full advantage.

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