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Re: [IP] Lumbar fusion surgery and brace

 Even though I have NOT had Lumbar/Sacral fusion surgery. I do wear a brace very
similar to one that has had the surgery (although I do not have to wear it at
night.. just durring the day). My Lumbar/Sacral vertebra are fusing on their own
due to a genetic defect in the osteoblasts (those are cells that form new bone).
Depending on where you like your sites, you can at times manage to wear them on
your tummy.
 I can wear very low (low low low) profile sets under the brace, and it does not
effect the tubing. I also wear it in the abs area.. from the top of the brace to
1 inch under the breast (that gives me about 3 inches), I have also wore them in
my hips (even though there is very little fat there), upper arms (again little
 If you are careful, you can use the set under the brace without impinging the
tubing, but if not, you can crimp the tubing. The brace is not the most
comfortable thing, but this one is alot more comfortable than the old one. This
one is the durable plastic that is molded when put in extreamly hot (but not
boiling) water, and it has 3 4 inch velcro straps, that are replaceable by me
along with the padding that is on the inside of the brace.
 When you do have the surgery and find some places for your site, please let us
know, so that way others who undergo the surgery will have a idea on where to
place theirs.


R. Leppanen
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