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[IP] re: quick question

 I don't know how you went about resolving the issue of the child and the 300
blood sugars due to "not getting" their insulin and no bedtime snack but I am
sure you have followed up on it.
 I wanted to chime in and say that a lot of children are in control of their own
diabetes control. I was, most of the time. I, too, watered down my urine for
tests! (thought I was the only one who did that!)
 There was a young man at school until recently who I so worried about. He would
lie about his BGs, eat what he wanted, say he called to find out how much
insulin to give--all lies. He was trying to get out of a home where his
stepmother was caring for him and his sister after their father and stepmother
split up. Yes, the kids stayed with the stepmother. Anyway, he spend time in the
hospital, came back to school and still his BGs were high. He was doing it all
on purpose. Guess what? He got to leave the home, move to another state with
relatives and is doing fine.
 So, there is not always an adult at fault. Yes, there was an investigation and
the child was largely at fault. I knew what he had done--after the fact, that
is. When I heard what all had been going on I told school officials he was doing
it all to himself and the stepmother was getting the blame. Oh well. Children
are always believed and adults are always the ones in the wrong. (Can you tell I
used to be a foster parent and had over 100 children in my care over the years?)

 Anyway, I hope the child gets the help they need and the parents get the
education they need.

dx 3/63 at age 8
pumping 3/00--currently Animas 1250
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