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[IP] for men...how to make the infusion site stick...


I have found using Tegaderm HP works great on clean skin. I use Animas 
Contact Detach sets on my IR 1250 and they stay on well. I put the Tegaderm 
on first and then my site. About the bumps, that is a common issue with 
Humalog. I would recommend talking with your friend and advise him to see 
his doctor and consider switching to NovoLog or Apidra in his pump. I could 
write a book about insulin allergy and tape and infusion set allergies. Good 
luck! Me and my wife and son have Spina Bifida and have Latex allergies 
which aggravates the other allergies.

Alan K Teffeteller, Ph.D!, M.S, CPBE, CBT, LPN!

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