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Re:[IP] Glucagon/D50

 YOU have asked those to ADDRESS it to those who had wrote the ORIGINAL
sentence.. please return that respect..
 I had put IN PARENTHESES the quoate that I was repsonding to that YOU wrote.. I
did not write the orginital..I was responding to it..
 YOU stated that you did not know what the highly concentrated sugar that they
gave you.. and I stated.. Hum, could it be D50? Not what you had attributed to
me. I know what they CAN and do give in a ambulance for diabetes, been there,
done that, more times than I can care to remember (all on shots), and I know
what it is called.

Leppanen wrote: 
 ((((> <<The paramedics who have treated me have given me a very concentrated
glucose solution via IV. I don't know what it's called. Maybe someone
 > can refresh my memory.>> I DID NOT post this, this is NOT my words.. the
BELOW is).
> Hum I wonder.... could it be D50.. 50% DEXTROSE and 50% Normal Saline? and 
> come in ampules of about 30cc. 
 > Been there, done that.. either Oral or via IV line (only oral when I threw up
> in their "bus" the glucose gel and they could not get a line.. mind you I 
have a 
> port-a-cath for IV access). 
> -- 
> R. Leppanen 
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