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[IP] very bad reaction to low blood sugar

 A friend of mine who is also on the pump has had very brittle diabetes. Her
husband went away on business and called her in the morning to make sure she was
ok. She did not answer the phone and he called 911 and has police sent to the
house. She was comatose but her bg was 75 at the time. She has had many medical
problems unrelated to diabetes and the doctors ruled out all other medical
reasons and felt that she was in the present state due to low bg during the
night. AT the present time, she is not responsive and has abnormal brain
functioning and is on a respirator. She has increased her level of consiousness
somewhat over the past few days, but still is not really conscious.
 This really scared me (diabetic for about 43 years and on pump for about 7
years) since I do tend to run low and try to keep myself quite tightly
controlled. Just a warning to all - please be careful and try not to let bg go
down too low, especially at night or when driving. Debby
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