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[IP] thyroid test, strange results

I had an appointment with my NP/CDE this morning.  I
had blood drawn at the lab about 10 days ago so she
would have the results when I met with her.  She had
ordered a bunch of tests to see if there was a reason
I have become slightly anemic, but those all came out
fine.  My A1c was 6.0, same as in January.  Blood
pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides all in normal
range although my LDL just squeaked by what they
recommend (98, they want it under 100).  My HDL was 93
and triglycerides 40.

The only thing that was out of range was my TSH.  I am
currently on 100mcg of levoxyl and have been on this
dose for a little under 3 years.  My TSH result was
10.42 where previous ones had been in the 3-4 range. 
I honestly still don't know a lot about thyroid
numbers and tests, just that the higher the TSH the
less your thyroid is producing on its own.  I was
diagnosed maybe 8 years ago and went from 50 to 75 to

My CDE seems to think that number is just too off and
she gave me a form to have the test done over, which
I'll do tomorrow.  She did give me new prescriptions,
one for 112 and one for 125.  She said if the second
test comes back that high again I should fill the
script for 125, and if it's significantly lower than
the 10.42 I should fill the script for 112mcg.  She
said they like to keep it in the 2 range and mine have
been creeping up into the 3's and 4's.  

Is there any reason, other than a fluke at the lab,
why the TSH would increase that much?  I forget when
it was checked last but it was less than a year ago. 
I have been feeling very run down, since the end of
last summer, and wonder if this has anything to do
with it.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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