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[IP] Cigna denial

Been there done that -- ended up buying the pump out of pocket which was
the best decision I've ever made.

>>My friend's daughter was dx'd last Dec.  She applied for a pump, but
has been
>>denied by her insurance.  Cigna would only approve some new pump

I will say that I am a Type 2 diabetic BUT that shouldn't matter either. 
Cigna made sure that none of the endos in the area that they would cover
were "pump pro".  When my primary care physician insisted on it, they
made him jump all kinds of hoops, and the last one I refused, which was
to put me on every single combination of oral meds for at least 3
months.  The reason I was ON insulin and going ON the pump is that the
side effects for all the oral meds are as bad if not worse than the side
effects of diabetes itself. 

The bad news, is that even when I did spring for the pump, they wouldn't
cover supplies either.

And they got out of the appeal process through ERISTA (or what ever
alphabet soup they use to get exemptions.

.... Really glad to be rid of Cigna -- and especially their HMO.
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