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[IP] Chest Pains (Long)

	Last night was the third trip to the ER for squeezing chest pains in two
years. One time I was feeling PVC's but the other two times I just thought I
was having a heart attack. Last night about two hours after dinner I got a
squeezing pain in my chest that made me have to cough. I started to feel
like I was going to pass out. Then I had a burning pain in my chest.
	At the ER they hooked me up to an EKG and the guy looked at it for a minute
and said, "Well, you're not having a heart attack." The doctor, as well as
myself thought that it might have something to do with my stomach or other
part of my digestive system because I told her that I only get these attacks
after either back pain, or feeling like I'm overly full in my intestines
like one would feel just before deciding that they may be starting to get
constipated (Although I am not constipated).
	Last week I was putting my shirt on after waking up with terrible back pain
and I felt my heart flutter like water was being poured down into my chest
cavity then I felt a whooshing sound in my head and thought I was going to
pass out. It only lasted for a second.
	I was told years ago that I probably have gastroparesis, but didn't have
any tests to confirm it. I have delayed digestion at times depending on the
meal. I bolus for the meal and get extremely high BG's 12 to 16 hours later.
If I lean over for a period of time and stand up quickly I get dizzy (Which
I think is also an indicator of autonomic neuropathy). I am taking 5mg
Lisinopril once daily for slightly elevated BP, but had the dizziness before
the therapy.
	The doctor at the ER said that the reason I felt like I was going to pass
out was because I had a vasovagal episode due to an activation of my
parasympathetic system, but she didn't go into detail because three
ambulances had arrived. I asked her if the episode that brought me to the ER
had anything to do with my heart and she said no. She prescribed 20mg of
Pepcid once daily after giving me a cocktail of Maalox, Lidocaine, and a med
to stop stomach spasms which provided a great relief to me.
	I have had a full feeling in my stomach all day accompanied with slight
chest pains and upper back pain in the cervical spine area. When I am
feeling like this I get these episodes. I need to know what is going on so I
am asking advice from others who have had these symptoms. Even though my
stress test in November of 2002 showed I am okay, and my EKG last night said
no heart attack I have felt all day like I am having a heart attack.
	Please feel free to contact me privately at email @ redacted or on
the IP list. Thank you all so much for being there.

Scared Out Of My Wits,

Cody S. Alderson
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