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[IP] Graze and Bolus

  This is a very good question. I think they need to clarify the unused insulin
rule to state that it does not apply to boluses given in short succession. Two
boluses given shortly after each other really do not effect your blood sugar
 than one larger bolus of the same amount. The only point where you can get into
trouble is if you are snaking repeatedly over an hour or two. I only use the
unused bolus rule for boluses at least an hour apart. This will vary for
different people
 depending on how quickly your insulin starts acting. The unused bolus rule is
intended for insulin that is still active, if it has not started acting
significantly yet than it is not a situation to use the rule. The unused bolus
rule is good but
it is not perfect, you have to figure out what works for you.
Best of Luck,
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