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Re: [IP] HELP! Need kidney info

> Should I worry? If so, what does this mean long term? What is the worst
> scenario with what you can see here? Medications Or Dialysis?
> I'm very very scared. We will repeat the test this weekend....
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin


First of all worrying does not help the situation a lot.  My nephrologist
uses my Creatanine and BUN numbers to tell me what's going on.  Right now my
Creatanine is 3.3 and my BUM is 40.  She has reassured me that dialysis is
down the road a bit for me.

Some docs will put kidney failure patients (which we don't know is your
son's case yet) on restrictive diets and fluid intake.   She, the
nephrologist has been very open for me as far as diet.  For a short while I
was placed on fluid restrictions of 2,000 CC a day.  I got her to lift that
when I described my life as a diabetic for 30 years.  I also whined and
cried like a baby!

I don't track my Protein in Urine levels but I do know that spilling protein
leads to lots of bubbles in your urine. This could make Kevin pretty unique
amongst his friends.

I am not aware of any kidney failure medications.  When ESRD  (End Stage
Renal Disease) does show up there are some dialysis options.  But I am
thinking this is way down the road if ever for Kevin.

There is a news group called alt.kidneyfailuresupport.  It's not extremely
active but it is pretty supportive as this list is.  Also, the National
Kidney Foundation has a web page and there are other web sources available.

I know it's a parent's job to worry.  But, don't make it a focus.  Learn
what you can and be the best Mom you can be.

Warmest regards,

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