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[IP] What do you mean-you have a handicap tag for just being on the pump?

> What do you mean-you have a handicap tag for just being on the pump?

No Rita,

As  I told the police officer, that would be a "Wong" assumption!

The primary reason that I have a handicap tag is that I have claudication in
my legs which makes it impossible to walk any kind of distance.

Also, my CABG bypass arteries have clogged up and further interferes with my
ability to walk without panting like a dog.

We can add to this, the fact that I have Kidney Failure and that makes me
very tired along with the anemia that I have.

Moving further down, I have chronic gout which makes walking across a room a
challenge at times.

So, those are the five reasons that I have for a handicapped tag.  I must
say  that this is very "on topic" as I got all  this as a result of my

Now, I have to ask, what brought you to ask this question?  On the surface,
it seems somewhat antagonistic.  But I could be wrong.

If you don't think I should be parking in the handicapped spot, please feel
free to pick me up and drop me off at the store entrance.

Now, it's your turn to divulge your medical history since I went first!


Who remains upright, but not terribly mobile at times.
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