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Re: [IP] HELP! Need kidney info

 I do not have my results right on front of me, but I have had 24 hour urine
test done several times watching my levels closely. Most of my values were
pretty elevated and I have not been pu ton meds yet and been told not to worry
yet also. Kinda hard being 21 and seeing how elevated the numbers are and being
told not to worry. I have been diabetic for 11 years now and this has been an
ongoing test done repeatedly for about 1.5 years now. Started when I was
hospitalized for being very ill due ot out of control diabetes. Aprildiagnosed
11/92, pumping since 4/21/04

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Kevin is 15, and has been diabetic now for 4.5 years. He has had great
control...usually under 7.0. The Endo did a 24 hour urine for the first time
the other day and we just got the results...I'm not sure what to make of it
and the doc said not to worry right yet...we will repeat it. Here are the
results for those who understand this:

Creatinine Clearance - 137 (70-150 normal) this was okay
Protein in Urine - 378 (normal 25-150)
MicroAlbumin- 214 (3-30)

Doc said he spoke with a Nephrologist who said this in NOT UNUSUAL for an
active teen Kevin's age, that it should just be repeated.

Should I worry? If so, what does this mean long term? What is the worst case
scenario with what you can see here? Medications Or Dialysis?

I'm very very scared. We will repeat the test this weekend....

Mom to Kevin
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