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Re: [IP] Using ear lobes to test bgs

> Hi! I'm a pumper who has used my earlobes to test for years (due to very
> tender fingers!) after advice from an endo.

I have heard that that was okay to do, and have used it when checking my
son's bs occasionally.  But I have a curious question here.  How do you do
this, practically speaking, on yourself?  I use my eyes to see when I've
gotten enough blood from my fingers, but that wouldn't work too well when
you can't really see your earlobes.  How do you know when you've got enough

By the way, if those earlobes ever get too calloused, you might give the
fingers a try again.  I end up changing lancets just about every time I
change meters, because they inevitably need less blood, and the new lancet
produces less.  My fingers used to get awfully sore from those old meters
that used so much blood, but using as little as the Ultra uses, I can check
even on my most frequently used fingers without any problems at all later on
with it hurting.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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