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Re: [IP] Junk Mail re Diabetes

At 02:50 PM 4/30/2003 Heidi Vogan wrote:
 >--- liz <email @ redacted> wrote:
 >> > I suddenly am receiving unsolicited junk mail
 >> > regarding diabetes on this e-mail address.  I do
 >> NOT
 >> > receive any *other* junk mail at this address.
 >> >
 >> > Is it possible that *someone* on this list has
 >> > harvested names and e-mail addresses????
 >  Ok,I'm getting it too..I'm just so used to hitting
 >the delete button I hardly noticed!(it didn't bother
 >me much,whats a little more spam..)
 >            Heidi

If you've used your email address for anything else, other than subscribing 
to this list, then it is quite likely that it was "harvested" from there. 
Companies that "require" you to enter an email address to use their 
services or purchase items, frequently sell those addresses to spammers. 
Many people get "free" secondary email addresses (such as Hotmail) just for 
those instances, so that their "real" email address doesn't get attacked.

As an example, the email address that I use here is never used for anything 
else. I have 4 other email addresses that I use for other purposes, and I 
regularly get spam in those accounts. So far, I've never (knock on wood) 
gotten any spam at this email address.

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