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Re: [IP] Graze and bolus

 I have had that problem also. But I just do insulin for every carb that i eat
and things got better. just watch at first to make sure you do not go low, but
it works fine for me.

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What exactly does graze and bolus mean? I am using Novolog with my paradigm. I
am currently bolusing 1 per 12. There are times, 30 minutes after a meal, that
I decide I'm still hungry. If I use the unused insulin rule my BS goes
high...Do I forget this rule? and bolus per 12? My biggest problem is beer
night. Should I bolus for 2 beers and then bolus again for the next 2 beers? I
guess what I'm asking is: Do I bolus for every carb that goes into my body, no
matter when the last bolus was?

Sally Pierce
Dxd 1/66
Pump 1/03
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